Courses Developed and Taught, University of Melbourne, since 2014

Postgraduate subjects:

Strategic Political Communication (MECM90010), 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

This Masters subject examines the strategies used by political actors to communicate with a focus on political, public and government communication. Topics covered include theories of political communication and how news media cover politics, ‘spin’ and PR methods used by politicians to manage the media, political advertising, political oratory, government communication and broadcast political interviews.


Undergraduate subjects:

Politics and the Media (POLS20026), 2014, 2015, 2016

This second-year subject examines the role of the media in the contemporary politics of Australia and similar countries. Topics covered include theories of the media in democratic politics, how news is manufactured, the power of news media to set the public and political agenda, the impact of television and media on politics, and PR methods used by politicians and pressure groups to manage the media, and case-studies of how politics is represented.

Campaigns and Elections (POLS30032), 2015, 2016, 2017

Elections lie at the heart of democracy. This third-year subject examines why elections

matter and how they feature in democratic theory and practice. Topics include electoral

administration, voting systems and voter turnout, the role of political parties, the

financing of campaigns and how elections are reported in the media. Students

will also explore campaign strategy including case studies of famous and important

election campaigns in Australia, the US and the UK.


Executive Education:

Pathways to Politics, 2017

This unique program for women of all ages teaches political aspirants the skills needed for elected public office with the aim of improving female participation in Australian politics. The program features guest presenters from across the political spectrum including politicians (both sitting and retired), pollsters, public speaking professionals, campaign strategists, advisors, consultants and public policy experts as well as leading figures in Australian political and public life. Each session is structured around hands-on training and mentorship and includes conversation sessions with women elected to office in local, state and federal government. This executive program provides hard skills training but there will be an emphasis on aspiration and leadership.